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As a former elementary school teacher, Nancy spent more than 28 years working with both deaf and regular education students. Today she uses her skills as an educator to teach the principles and power of Hawaiian Huna.

Huna is the cultural wisdom and spirituality of the ancient Hawaiians.

As a culture, the Hawaiians have always believed in the love and caring kindness of “Aloha,” and that all people can learn to be “Pono,” (in harmony, rightness, and respect), with themselves and others.

Nancy’s “Huna and Sacred Ceremony” workshops teach the principles and spiritual empowerment of Huna and include:

  • Hawaiian chanting
  • The H’oponopono forgiveness process
  • Visualization and guided imagery
  • Working with the natural elements of earth, fire, water, and air to create positive results and healing

Through guided imagery her students have opportunities for release and transformation. At the completion of the Huna workshops, students take away tools and strategies to help them maintain daily habits of positive forward movement.

Nancy leads her “Huna and Sacred Ceremonyworkshops with the passion and love she has for Huna and the Hawaiian culture. She is dedicated to helping others realize the power of who they are and the positive influence they represent in the world.

Her philosophy about Huna can be summed up in the words of Serge Kahili King who has been part of a Huna lineage for 42 years.

“From the basis of these principles, the Huna practitioner learns quickly and effectively to view ordinary reality in extraordinary ways, to recognize extraordinary events in ordinary circumstances, and to create new circumstances at will. And life becomes an exciting adventure.”

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